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In concert with the vision of Pastor Derrick Jackson, ACC was founded in 2021 by Minister Donald Black and his wife, Tawaii Black.  The purpose of ACC is to be a ministry extension of First Baptist Church that offers a contemporary and relatable worship experience.  In Psalm 33:11 we learn that, “… His Word is Timeless and His promises are Everlasting!” If the Word of God is timeless and everlasting, it applies to every generation and time, appropriately. It should be able to reach a child and adult regardless of age. This is the principle on which ACC stands.

ACC seeks to alter your destiny! Negative thoughts will become positive thoughts. Pessimism will be replaced with optimism; the feeling of rejection will be overcome by the feeling of acceptance; thoughts of inadequacy will be destroyed and thoughts of “I’m enough” will be restored.


Who Are We


Our Leaders

Donald Black


Tawaii Black 


Our Aims

To promote the knowledge of Jesus Christ 

To promote community and service

To promote spiritual growth and development

To connect reality and spirituality  

To cultivate an environment of praise, worship and evangelism