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Minister Marveya Gooch

Everyone needs personal and spiritual growth; regardless of their age. Growing—even growing older—is a privilege. The Golden Girls Life Group seeks to help senior ladies develop mentally, spiritually, personally…there’s more to aging that just adding birthdays.

Who: Adults 
Age group: 25-45
Location: Gallatin, TN
Meeting day(s): Thursdays
Meeting time(s): 7:00pm
Method of meeting: Virtual
Meeting special notes:  YACS Zoom 

Contact Info:
Minister Marveya Gooch

Minister Marveya's Inspiration for her Life Group

Hello, my name is Minister Marveya Gooch. Throughout the many years of my being a Christian, my desire for a deeper connection with God; with Jesus; became more and more essential. The one thing that I came to know about Jesus is that He was radical. He used the knowledge of the heritage His ancestors left Him to change the world! He was able to give a more relevant perspective on spirituality to reach the people, during His time here on Earth. It is my belief that God's Word is never peripheral; it's always necessary and indispensable. It can be applied to every generation and every time-period. 

I created the J-Walkers Life Group to be a group of people that studies God's Word in an effort to apply it to our everyday lives in a practical manner. 

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