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Minister Tony Brinkley

By his love, God has adopted us into His family through the work of Jesus.  God has placed us in a group to do every day ordinal life together.  Join us as we put the gospel on display by the way we love one another, and it is this love for each other that will be the most attractive component.  As we do life together, we will grow and learn to how to reach our neighbors and friends

Who: Adults
Age group: 35 and up
Location: Gallatin, TN
Meeting day(s): Mondays
Meeting time(s): 6:10pm
Method of meeting: Conference
Meeting special notes:  508-924-3057

Contact Info:
Minister Tony Brinkley

Minister Tony's Inspirtation for his Life Group

Hello! My name is Minister Tony Brinkley.  I am a minister here at FBC. I am also a loving husband; a loving father; a loving friend; loving's safe to say I love to love!  There are slew of laws that are mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible and if those laws were not followed...let's just say you'd probably want to write your will early in the game :) Well, I just love the fact that God loves us enough to know that we are all flakey in some sort of way.  He knew that we'd all be long gone if we had to abide by all those laws. Shoot, we can't even slow down at a yellow light; that means speed up :) God loves us so much that he sent us a a savior that would live and die for our sinfulness. This savior is Jesus and the only thing he asked us to do is love. Isn't it a shame how such a small word can make the difference in ones words, thoughts, or deeds? The word "Love" is mentioned over 310 in the New Testament of the Bible; depending on which version one is reading. It's mentioned more than any other word in the Bible! Wow, this must mean that Jesus wants us to live by it! This is why I created the The Agape Set Life Group! This Life Group focuses on loving people regardless of who they are or what they believe.  We'd love for you to join us! 

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