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Deacon Laura Douglas

Everyone needs personal and spiritual growth; regardless of their age. Growing—even growing older—is a privilege. The Golden Girls Life Group seeks to help senior ladies develop mentally, spiritually, personally…there’s more to aging that just adding birthdays.

Who: Adults 
Age group: N/A
Location: Gallatin, TN
Meeting day(s): Sundays
Meeting time(s): 9:30am
Method of meeting: Zoom Call
Meeting special notes:  507-744-9920/ 044372
Contact Info: Deacon Laura Douglas 615-969-0288 


Deacon Laura's Inspiration for her Life Group

Hey soon-to-be Golden Girl, my name is Deacon Laura Douglas! I like to watch the Golden Girls. I like how they have fun with each other. Before I leave this Earth, I’m going to find St. Olaf! The thing I especially love about the girls is that they don’t have to go through life alone; as the song says, they are pals and confidants. Sometimes as we get older, we tend to spend more time alone. We are more apt to go through life’s ups and downs all by our lonesome. Well, I came to give you some news….you don’t! The main reason I created the Golden Girl’s Life Group is so we could take life’s journey together. More importantly, in this Life Group we understand that Jesus is way better than any Golden Girl! His heart is definitely true and he is the ultimate pal and confidant! The best thing is that He has invited us all to His party!

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