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The Word of God never changes; it's remains the same through and to every generation; This isn't true for the way the Word of God is brought to generations.  Here at FBC, we understand this truth and we strive to provide youth ministries that will meet kids and teens where they are and help them to grow deeper in their relationship with God. ​

FBC Youth Ministries is unique in the fact that each ministry was created by a team of teachers with a combined teaching experience of over 115 years.  Of course, all of these teachers have Bachelor degrees, but many hold Masters and doctoral degrees in education.


Each ministry was designed based on the ideology of education theorists that greatly affected teaching and learning. These ideas are as follows:

  • Children learn by doing

  • Positive reinforcement impacts a child's learning and behavior much more than negative reinforcement

  • Education material must be age appropriate for optimal understanding

  • There is a hierarchy to learning that grows in complexity as the child progresses

  • Information is processed in different ways depending the child's learning style.

FBC Youth Ministries will help kids and teens to grow in their understanding of the Bible and of how to live a life, even at their age, that is pleasing to God.  They will grow in their interpretation of the Bible which will impact their faith and trust in God. Furthermore, they will grow in their understanding of the trials and tribulations of Jesus, which will positively impact their walk with Christ! We place a great deal of emphasis on the love the Christ showed others regardless of how they treated him. This will impact their love for others. 



*all who work with kids and teens have been background checked and interviewed. 

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