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There are two reasons you maybe reading this. One reason may be that you simply are interested in what is exactly GriefShare. The second reason may be because you've experienced some sort of trauma or loss and you need help with processing your emotions and thoughts.  Well my name is Karen Wilkerson, I want to travel with you as we undertake the journey to healing and well-being. 


Grief is not a sign of weakness, it is a celebration of a good gift from God through tears. It is the price we pay for loving someone. (Wisdom learned from GriefShare)


Those thoughts and words didn't come easy nor were they the first expressions felt. After losing both grandparents, my aunt, my mom, my dad and a good friend within the space of a few years, mourning became a constant. Education, experience and usual coping mechanisms could pull this heaviness away however, it could not sustain it.  GriefShare helped diminish those overwhelming feelings of sadness, anger, and bitterness and refocused my self-centered emotions back to Christ-centered. 


There were multiple "Why" questions and continuous negative thoughts towards God plaguing my mind and they would not let up.  Grief and suffering can be a great weight that immobilizes and there is nothing one can do when a wave of grief comes. The desire not to spend the rest of life feeling like this drove me to a different place. 


God put the right people in the right place at the right time to walk a journey only God knew where to go. As Job felt he had lost it all, GriefShare revealed God in a new way.  When feeling all is lost, GriefShare helped me gain God back and so much more. 


Do the next thing and join GriefShare.  All are welcomed no matter when you lost someone

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Who: Adults 
Age group: 18 and up
Location: First Baptist Church
Meeting day(s): Wednesdays
Meeting time(s): 6:00pm
Method of meeting: Virtual
Meeting special notes:  If you'd feel more comfortable with a one-on-one meeting, please contact me.

Cost: $25.00

Contact Info:
Dr Karen Wilkerson

Don't go it alone, let  us help you through your journey from mourning to joy.

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