Remember who God is in your life and proclaim it throughout the day. It is the "is-ness" of God that will carry you through your tough seasons (Psalm 27:1) 


The pandemic season is tough. Stay prayerful, watchful, and wise. God will be with you in it, through it, and on the other side of it. Stay encouraged (Joshua 1:9). 


Don't waste your thoughts!Pay attention to your thought patterns. Spend your time thinking about things that really matter and bring life to you(Philip 4:8)! 


Be careful what you judge and how you judge. Sometimes we are who and what we judge. Stay humble and stay gracious. You will need them one day (Luke 18:13-14)


Are you seeing clearly or do you have faulty vision? The cure for faulty vision is to keep looking to Jesus. Don't forget the importance of vision care (I Samuel 16:7).