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JMeds: Where do you turn when you feel crowded, convoluted, tired & empty? Turn to the one who can really fill your cup & reposition you. Turn to Jesus. 

Psalm 23:5-6


JMeds: Some of the attacks you are dealing with are because God is building momentum in you. God will do a quick work in some areas. Stay focused! 
2 Chronicles 15:7


JMeds: Don't pay so much attention to who or what is attacking you that you fail to see who is "holding" you. With God holding and guiding you, you will be victorious! 
Isaiah 54:17


JMeds: God can take what was meant to harm you to help you. Don't have a pity party. Have a praise party. You are still here! And God is still good! 

Genesis 50:20


JMeds: When you are uncertain, go down memory lane and recount what God has already done. It's ok to be uncertain sometimes. Just don't "park" there.
Psalm 77:11-12