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JMeds: Are you reading the "tea leaves" of your life right? Sometimes less is more & more is less. Get alone with God & discern what is going on with you.

Psalm 37:16-17


JMeds: Life is meaningless without divine purpose. You were created to fulfill a divine purpose. Nothing else will satisfy. Ask God to reveal that purpose to you.
Ecclesiastes 2


JMeds: Seasons come and go. Letting go of one season and entering into another season can be difficult. Trust God "for" and "in" your next season.
Ecclesiastes 3


JMeds: What's coming to a close in your life? Remember, it's not how you start a thing but rather how you end a thing. Make sure you end well!

Ecclesiastes 7:8


JMeds: Life does not have to be meaningless. It can be quite meaningful if you revere God, do good, respect people, respect self, & cherish life.
Ecclesiastes 12:13