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JMeds: Waiting on God is worth the wait! His best gifts are sometimes wrapped in your willingness to wait. Wait on God & receive what He has just for you.

Acts 1:4


JMeds: When you'd rather leave the place God has planted you, know that God sees the ending at the beginning. Trust the Lord! It gets better from here!
Galatians 6:9


JMeds: Waiting is uncomfortable. It is frustrating. It makes you feel unproductive. However, remember that God is working while you are waiting. Wait on God!
Isaiah 40:31


JMeds: God is the maker of time. He holds every moment in His hands. Trust God with your moments & not just your days. He is changing you moment by moment. 

Psalm 27:14


JMeds: God's timing is perfect! His plans for you have been set since the beginning. Although life throws you many curve balls, God is taking you somewhere!
Psalm 15:30

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