Our mission is to be a “Church of Welcome” used by God to save the lost, transform the saved, and impact our community through:


  1. Energized Evangelism (Invite)

  2. Wholistic Worship (Ignite)

  3. Fruitful Fellowship (Involve)

  4. Disciplined Discipleship (Inform)

  5. Sacrificial Service (Impact)


The vision of First Baptist Church is to be a transformational beloved community of loving, caring, giving and sharing members who are change agents in the community sharing the good news of Jesus Christ in personal and practical ways with anyone regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, or socio-economical status that results in changed lives, victorious living, strong families, and a united community.

We endeavor to live out our F-A-I-T-H by:


  • Focusing on people and relationships instead of programs and religion

  • Accepting change and creativity as the norm

  • Involving every member in an area of ministry or outreach

  • Teaching and training leaders and followers how to be victorious change agents for Christ

  • Harvesting an atmosphere of love, excitement and excellence