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falling, Heaven are rolling up and a bunch other phenomenon that would  be the next sequel in a scary movie. But the truth is that The book of Revelation is far from "scary," but to know that, the books leading up Revelation have to be read, studied, and understood; which is exactly the purpose of these reading plans. I will walk you through the Bible in a way that can be understood and applicable to life.

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Less than 20% of Americans read the Bible daily; less than 11% actually study the Bible. There are various reasons that more American's do not read or study the Bible. Among those reasons are time constraints, disbelief, and nonessential; the main reason is attributed the inability to understand the Bible. I mean, lets consider it. In the book of Revelations there are flying creatures with a whole lot of horns and eyes shooting arrows, a marked beast, stars are


Image by Aaron Burden
Image by Aaron Burden
Image by Aaron Burden

Current Reading Plan


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