Sermon Call-to-Action

Then Jesus told his disciples, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.   
Matthew 16:24

Week:   October 17 -  October 23

We are in a series of messages entitled “WHO CAN I TURN TO?” In a world full of lack, needs, concerns, challenges, hypocrisy, brokenness, strife, division, hostility, craziness, wickedness, ugliness, meanness, and cruelty, it is difficult to find solace, serenity, tranquility, and peace anywhere. Persons are looking to family, friends, co-workers, and all of our great institutions including the church for direction, help, and hope only to be disappointed, discouraged, or dismissed. Did you know that Jesus envisions a future for you that has him at the center of everything you do in life? Did you know that Jesus envisions a future for you that uses you as a vessel for healing in a broken world? Our message this week is entitled, “WHEN I RUN TO THE CHURCH HOUSE, WHAT DO I NEED TO FIND?”


MEDITATE upon Matthew 21:12-17, Isaiah 56:7, Jeremiah 7:11 journal what the Holy Spirit impresses upon your spirit.

PRIORITIZE naming three mistakes you’ve made in life that you would rather keep private.

INVITE someone this week to partner with you as you itemize and reflect upon private mistakes that have gone public or private mistakes that have affected your public persona, public performance, or private peace. Be as transparent as possible.

CONTEMPLATE how God might be cleansing the church to become a safe place for the broken, the bruised, the battered, the frustrated, the doubtful, the sick, and the hurting to run to. Meditate on what leaped out in your spirit as you experienced the sermon this week? Reflect on how God might be inviting you to become a safe ear, a safe presence, and a safe Christian for others.  Reflect on how you may be robbing God of God’s glory and God’s honor in how you deal with and approach others who have made mistakes publicly or privately. Reflect on how God might be cleansing you and how God might be cleansing the church in general.

PRAY ABOUT, PERSONALIZE, INTERNALIZE & ACTUALIZE  the following practical truths:

  1. The Church House Is To Be A House Of PRAYER & INTERCESSION.

  2. The Church House Is To Be A House Of HEALING & MIRACLES

  3. The Church House Is To Be A House Of PRAISE & WORSHIP

  4. The Church IS NOT A BUILDING; The Church IS YOU.

  5. As The Church, YOU Are To Be A PERSON Of Prayer, Intercession, Healing, Miracles, Praise, and Worship

Pastor Derrick L Jackson

From the Pastor's Pen