Then Jesus told his disciples, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.   
Matthew 16:24

Sermon Call-to-Action

Week:   June 13  -  June 19


MEDITATE upon Ezekiel 47:1-12 and journal what the Holy Spirit impresses upon your spirit.

PRIORITIZE desiring & experiencing the presence of God daily. Remember, the omnipresence of God is one thing; the manifest presence of God is quite another)

INVITE church members, family members, and your friends, to go on a  journey with you on the road toward humility, purity, and progress (Remember, to go deeper in God, we need the presence of the Holy Spirit to humble us, purify us, an progress us) (vs 1-2)

CONTEMPLATE where you are in God right now (vs 3-5)

  • Are you “a stay on the bank” person (an unsaved individual  looking to the new age for an old-age problem)? 

  • Do you have “an ankle deep spiritual walk” (saved but shallow)?

  • Do you have “a knee deep spiritual walk” (saved but spiritually weak)?

  • Do you have a “waist deep spiritual walk” (saved and sensitive to the Holy Spirit, but still want to be in control)?

  • Do you desire “an over your head spirituality”(saved, sensitive to the Holy spirit, and in total surrender, dependence, and saturated in the Holy Spirit)?

Note: Remember that Ezekiel doesn’t make the shallow, narrow parts of the river sound inferior. What’s more important is not what part of the river you are in, but that you have access to the whole river!

PRAY ABOUT, PERSONALIZE, INTERNALIZE & ACTUALIZE the following truths as you go deeper in God:

  1. What Is POLLUTED Can Be CLEANED up!

  2. What Is STAGNANT Can Become FRESH!



Pastor Derrick L Jackson

From the Pastor's Pen

We are in a series of messages exploring what it looks like to godeeper in God as an individual, as a family, and as a church family. Our message this week asks the question: HOW DEEP DO YOU WANT TO GO IN GOD? You have one more river to cross! The “river” in our prophetic and Kingdom centered text this week points us to the grace of God, the Spirit of God, and even Jesus, Himself! It invites us to envision a reality far different than what we experience each day as we grow in our walk with God and participate in God’s Kingdom agenda.


Our sermonic call to action this week is to: