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Team Putting Fists Together In Huddle


There is a term, used in education, to describe folks who affect the culture of an environment in such a unique and positive way that it cannot be matched.  We have 2 of these individuals at FBC, Danyeal Walker and Angela Taylor!



Director of Youth Ministries

Danyeal joined First Baptist Church in 2012.  Shortly after joining FBC, she became an "active" member; she joined the usher team and started working in our youth ministry as a teacher in FBC Kids.  In 2018, she became the Assistant Director of our youth ministries and in 2020, she was promoted to the position of Director of Youth Ministries.

Danyeal is originally from Mississippi, but understands her responsibility of being a Tennessean - forsake all others and become a Tennessee Vols fan!  Danyeal has a teenage daughter and we all pray for her continually; those of you who live with teenage daughters understand why we pray for Danyeal. She also has a 10-year-old adopted daughter; Danyeal is such a great adoption-parent!



Assistant Director of Youth Ministries

Angela Taylor, better known as simply "Angie,” grew up in First Baptist Church.  Her family lineage can be traced in the deep history of FBC.  Angela began serving at FBC as young girl.  She has been an usher; she has sung in the choir; she has served in hospitality.  It's safe to say that Angie knows her way around FBC so if you have any questions, you can ask her!   

Prior to being named the Assistant Director of Youth Ministries, Angie was a faithful worker in the nursery and taught Sunday School for FBC Kids and Teens.  Teaching runs through her veins as her, now retired, mother is one of Gallatin’s most impactful teachers!

Angie is a Gallatin native! Yep, she is a Gallatin Green Wave Alumni; if you are new to Gallatin, you’ll understand the significance of this statement around October or so.  She has a teenage son that has a spirit akin to Bo Williams; if it involves a ball or running, he does it!  We pray really hard for Angie because she not only has 1, but 2 teenage girls – Lord bless her.  

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