This worship experience is designed to encompass a traditional style of worship. It is broken into segments sandwiched around prayer, scripture, the sermon, and an invitational call to salvation and discipleship. Our traditional worship experience is held in our historic sanctuary and is not streamed.


This worship experience takes a blended approach to worship that blends both the contemporary and the traditional into the worship experience. It has a mostly uninterrupted order. The music, scripture, and sermon is designed to address the needs of the 21st century Christian. Biblical truths are presented in a practical manner easily applicable to daily living. Scripture is taught in a relevant way with the goal of life change and transformation. Our blended worship experience is held in our multi-purpose facility and it is streamed on our website via YouTube.




This worship experience is innovative and designed to be uniquely engaging to children and their Christian experience. The order of worship varies based on Biblical learning targets and the activities that  supplement those Biblical learning targets.  Additionally, the our youth curriculum  lines up with the overall corporate concepts of the sermon or sermon series. In other words, children will be learning the same material as the adults.